TV Priest release second, lively single, 'Runner Up'

New track takes aim at today's modern consumerist society

TV Priest have followed up on their debut single with their second track, 'Runner Up'. With just as much energy as their first release and snarling vocals, Runner Up' is a pounding, corybantic snipe bemoaning today's global capitalist societies and certainly makes the band one to watch out for this year.

Frontman Charlie Drinkwater's sneering Iggy Pop style backs up the track's relentless rhythm by seeding an ominous image of the effects of today's modern consumerism.

"It’s about white goods, Protestant work ethic, Catholic guilt, game shows, not dancing at the Christmas party, four-car garages, meal deals, spam folders, lotteries, carrots and sticks," said Drinkwater.

"The ‘perpetual motion’ of this economic model feeds a sense of the inadequate in the individual. It seeks to rob us of deeper human connections with people, places, and objects in the drive to generate vast incomes for a small percentage of the population. Despite getting that new shirt, new job, or new car it’s never quite enough, the 'true' object of you affection remains just out of reach, with the latest model upgraded before your very eyes."

Like 'House Of York', 'Runner Up' was produced by the band's bass player, Nic Smith, which is both a sign of the band's competence and confidence. They're even confident enough to have a pop at multinational organisations, including record companies.

"The model forces us to be complicit and turn hypocrite," said Drinkwater. "As we upload this song we directly, albeit incrementally, help the revenue streams of homogeneous multinational corporations who've no real interest in ‘connecting’ people beyond establishing data sets that help in predictive behaviour ‘markets’.

"This song was written as a response to that, a patchwork of observations on what it was to live and work in a pre-pandemic Britain. Perhaps a Britain that may no longer exist."

'Runner Up' is out now via Hand In Hive.

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