Tall Ships 'Everything Touching'

Lots of loops and catchy riffs culminate in a strong debut album from Falmouth trio.

Hailing from Falmouth, this young trio are what’s good about being independent. They’re signed to a small, independent label, Big Scary Monsters, and have been able to produce a debut album that is free from overproduction and the temptation to add too much polish where it’s not needed.

Because of this, what we have with Everything Touching, is a collection of simple, yet effective, tracks which combine niftily looped riffs with harmonious vocals creating an album that’s best listened to in the garden on a summer’s day. The opener and first single, T=0, with its heavily overdriven guitar, stops short of going into Mogwai territory by Ric Phethean’s gentle vocals, and there won’t be many people who could listen to Phosphorescence without feeling a foot tapping the rhythm.

Gallop’s pace matches its title as it sprints along in bursts and spurts and it sounds like the band are having fun in the process. Tall Ships manage to put a bit of spark into what would otherwise be fairly straightforward songs by layering their harmonies well and putting loops and drums to good use around central guitar and bass licks. This gives the impression there’s a lot more than three people in the band and allows each track to build slowly so you don’t know what you’re going to get by the end of it. Murmurations ends up being a nine-minute epic that wouldn’t sound out of place in the background at some club-lounge bar while you’re lying on a sun lounger supping cocktails. Everything Touching is a feel good album without being cheesy, an album of uplifting songs that allow plenty of time for the music amongst sparse vocals which are recorded without too much refinement in the studio, making them sound fresh, enthusiastic and, above all, fun. And sometimes, that’s all you need to ask for in a band.

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