Soundgarden claim Vicky Cornell has kept charity money

Vicky is suing remaining members of Soundgarden over song rights but they're now claiming she's used charity money for 'personal purposes'

The remaining members of Soundgarden have launched a counterclaim against Vicky Cornell, who is suing them for allegedly falsely claiming ownership of seven unreleased songs. The band have hit back, saying Vicky has used funds from a 2019 benefit concert for her own 'personal purposes' and have also accused her of taking control of the band's social media pages without their permission.

The charity concert in question is their 2019 'I Am The Highway: A Tribute To Chris Cornell' gig. The band and other performers say they played for free but that Vicky never intended for all of the money raised to go to charities.

Regarding the seven unreleased songs, the band members contend that Vicky is well aware that Chris’ vocal tracks were always intended for a new Soundgarden album, and not for a solo effort or any other project. Their countersuit alleges that Vicky filed a complaint for the “true purpose of extorting Soundgarden into conceding rights to which she is not legally entitled, and of coercing Soundgarden to prematurely distribute Soundgarden funds to her.”

The aftermath of Chris' legacy has become quite a bitter one to those who were closest and with both parties filing lawsuits, it's almost certainly not part of a legacy Cornell would have wanted.

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