Shearwater 'Jet Plane and Oxbow'

Texan multi-instrumentalists quietly release a powerful ninth album.

JET Plane and Oxbow is the latest album by this Texan indie outfit who, despite releasing nine LPs since 2001, have largely remained under the radar. They've changed record labels a few times but now they're with a label that seems to be a perfect fit - Sub Pop Records. It's easy to pick out the influences for this album, David Bowie being the most obvious, especially on Quiet Americans, but hints of The Beta Band and LCD Soundsystem also spring to mind. This leaves us with an indie album of unusual and uplifting tracks which combine elements of neat little riffs, indie rock, electronica and pop. Throw these in with some great melodies and what we end up with is a cracking album with some very powerful tracks.

Glass Bones has some bluesy guitar work combining well with tippy-tap drumming and atmospheric vocals while the six-minute long Filaments is pulled along by a driving bass riff and psychedelic sounds. If you like loud, bold choruses then this is an album for you, especially on ​Pale Kings. What I like about this album is that every instrument, sound and vocal seem to compliment each other, whether it's the sound of a slide guitar in the background, a subtle piano chord or a cornet solo suddenly appearing. This is an extremely well produced, confident album using a plethora of instruments and post-production techniques which takes a couple of listens to really appreciate.

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