Sari Schorr blends extraordinary video with 'Ordinary Life'

Blues rocker Sari Schorr has shared a video of New York life in lockdown to her track, 'Ordinary Life'.

Filmed solely on an iPhone, it's a poignant and moving reminder of how different everyone's lives are now and the choice of song couldn't be more appropriate when we're living in far from ordinary times.

Despite some scenes that look post-apocalyptic, the tender vocals remind us that hope isn't lost and we'll either return to ordinary life at some point or we'll accept and live with the changes.

Always one to engage with her fans, Sari has been keeping in touch with daily live streams on Facebook and has been a breath of fresh air in these difficult times.

If you haven't heard the album, 'A Force Of Nature' on which 'Ordinary Life' can be found, check out my review here.

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