Peter Bibby's Dog Act release new single, 'Whyalla'

Eccentric act's single release dovetails announcement of new album, 'Marge'

Australian troubadour and prankster Peter Bibby has announced the release of new single 'Whyalla', a guttural six-and-a-half minute jam that pushes and pulls across the beaten track until there's nothing left to give.

The release is paired with the announcement of 'Marge', the third studio album from the musical Andy Kaufman-like cult figure and his disruptive backing band Dog Act.

'Whyalla' is simultaneously a love letter and a cursing damnation of rural Australia. Its spoken-word bridge lays down tall tales about some of its most notable legends, while the chorus draws you in like a moth to the flame, only to get promptly burnt once again by the song's churning riff.

"I wrote this song a few years back after my mate Racoo asked me to write a song for a road trip compilation she was putting together," said Bibby. "I don’t think it saw the light of day. I had a lot of help from Wikipedia."

“We shot [the video] out in Glen Eagle's Rest, due to COVID-19 we couldn't shoot it in Whyalla," he added. "It came together nicely with the help of great friends, a great crew and a weird toilet cleaner who hung around telling us strange and creepy facts about the location. He said he was disappointed that we weren't shooting a porno.”

'Whyalla' is out now and 'Marge' will be released on Friday, September 18th via Spinning Top Records. It can be pre-ordered here.

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