Pabst share video for new single, 'My Apocalypse'

Creepy video is reminiscent of 'found footage' horror movies.

The Berlin-based power trio have dropped a video of their new single, 'My Apocalypse'. The video is a tribute to the 'found footage' horror movies that were popular through the 2000s.

"Basically the song is about expectations and to what extent we are willing to live up to them", said vocalist and guitarist, Erik Heise.

"While writing the lyrics I often had my relationship to my father in mind, how he obviously has expected things from me which I didn’t ever action because I didn’t want to, or just simply because I couldn’t. It is about autonomy and identity, two concepts that have less in common than we might believe. It is a common assertion that we have our lives in our own hands but, frankly, I don’t subscribe to that."

He added, "I believe that we actually have very little influence in our lives and that we are more or less assembled through pieces of others, who we owe something, or at least feel like we do. Our whole lives we try to live up to expectations to fill the void inside of us, or purposely break with them just so we can call something our own. Probably the only thing that we DO have a real influence on is our own demise."

Pabst's new album, Deuce Ex Machina, is due for release on June 19 via Ketchup Tracks / The Orchard.

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