Pabst 'Deuce Ex Machina'

A fuzz-laden extravaganza from Berlin-based trio

After their well received 2018 debut LP, ‘Chlorine’, the Berlin based trio Pabst spent most of their time cutting their chops on the touring circuit.

Their experience hasn’t gone to waste. Their second LP, ‘Deuce Ex Machina’, is a fuzz laden extravaganza that blends a range of influences from punk to surf rock.

There’s a distinctive live feel to the album as the trio power their way through, channelling the momentum they had while touring into songs that tackle themes that range from legal drug addiction on ‘Ibuprofen’, to gentrification on ‘Skylines’, “If this is going to be the end / I hope the money was well spent / This city’s no place for losers like us”.

Ordinarily, these would be quite serious themes but the lyrics are kept light hearted and awash with irony while the catchy hooks and heavily overdriven guitars are an uplifting and nostalgic nod to the nineties.

Indeed, singer Erik Heise does have a touch of Suede’s Brett Anderson in his vocals which complements that nineties feel.

‘Deuce Ex Machina’ is a hugely enjoyable stack of fuzz that packs a punch from the opener to the last. While the band’s sound may not be entirely original, their songs and lyrics certainly are and they have a knack of being able to write memorable, catchy choruses.

Once live music gets back up and running again, it would be well worth keeping an eye out for Pabst who must be itching to hit the road again and get these songs out there. In the meantime though, listening to ‘Deuce Ex Machina’ at home is a worthy compromise.


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