Live Review: The Dandy Warhols, Bristol

Portland's laid back alt-rockers pass through Bristol's Anson Rooms.

All fine and dandy

For more than 20 years now alternative Portland rockers The Dandy Warhols haven't really caused a big stir in the music industry. They’re a bit of a curiosity, letting the big bands do their thing while they casually put out records with an occasional big selling single. Curiosity is why most of the crowd seem to be here and the atmosphere’s strangely subdued before the band casually enter the stage. Casual is indeed what The Dandy Warhols are. They’re cool, charming and have the same laid back attitude their hometown is known for. It's the hits that have drawn the crowd to this gig and everyone wakes up a little when Bohemian Like You is played relatively early on. The band have many more good songs up their sleeve and mix The Last High, Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth and We Used To Be Friends with some of their lesser known album tracks. The Dandy Warhols have never really taken themselves too seriously (Courtney changed his last name to Taylor-Taylor as a bit of a laugh, for example) and it's this quirkiness, along with the ability to write songs with longevity and style, that has kept this band riding the tide for many years and it's a genuine pleasure to see them on our shores playing small venues. There’s no new album to promote, no real reason to tour, except a chance to play the music they like in front of, for the most part, a middle-aged audience. They walk off stage after an hour and a half with no encore. The audience don't really ask for one either, they've shown what they're about and they've given the modest crowd what they want to hear. The Dandy Warhols are a rare band, one of a genuine few who have fun, humility and a lot of good songs.


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