Hear IYEARA's chilling take on Mark Lanegan's 'Playing Nero'

Stunning remix transforms track into a dystopian soundscape

Mark Lanegan’s 2019 album, Somebody’s Knocking saw Lanegan taking a more light-hearted and occasionally humorous approach compared to previous incarnations.

‘Playing Nero’ was one of the most gentle affairs on the album, Lanegan’s trademark croon resonating tenderly over synthesised chords and a bassline that would have sounded at home on a Joy Division track.

Clearly keen to ensure Lanegan maintains his reputation as the master of melancholy, London trio IYEARA have unveiled their take on ‘Playing Nero’.

The result is a stunningly atmospheric, industrial track which plunges ‘Playing Nero’ into a frighteningly dystopian soundscape. The sweet sounding vocals from the original track now have a sense of foreboding which didn’t exist in the original release, taking the song in a completely new direction.

The remixed track is taken from their upcoming album Another Knock At The Door, a complete remix of Somebody’s Knocking and if the end result of ‘Playing Nero’ is anything to go by, it is certainly something to look forward to and will no doubt be full of surprises.

Comprised of The Duke Spirit guitarist Toby Butler, producer Malcolm Carson and vocalist Paul O’Keeffe, IYEARA announced themselves in 2019 through the release of CONSEQUENCES EP; a record including a cover of 'Shout' by Tears for Fears featuring The Duke Spirit’s Liela Moss

Another Knock At The Door (IYEARA remixes) is set for release 21 August, 2020 and can be pre-ordered here.

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