Gorillaz release 'Aries' featuring Peter Hook

A wonderful throwback to the 80s with plenty of drum machine sounds, Hook's unimitable bass, and beautiful vocals

Gorillaz release their new single, 'Aries' today and it's a beautifully mellow, 80s drum machine-sounding throwback, made even more nostalgic by Peter Hook's unimitable bass.

It's a song with lyrics that are apt for today's times while reminding us of the good times past and to come. 'Cause I feel so isolated without you/I can't play a happy tune on my own, so stay by my side/High or low tide'.

There are plenty of memories to be stirred for fans of New Order and the contrast of mellow vocals with a pounding, dance along bass beat with plenty of drum machine effects make this release a surefire hit. Great stuff and a welcome return for Gorillaz made even more so by their guest musicians.

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