Capturing Everest: An exhilarating and emotional VR journey

When Jeff Glasbrenner lost his leg in a tractor accident at the age of 8, his doctors gave him a list of all the physical activities he would never again be able to attempt. No swimming, no biking, no sports. Despite his craving for competition, he listened to those orders for a long time.

And then, 12 years after his accident, he stopped listening. First he found wheelchair basketball. Then, he started biking. Finally, he discovered mountain climbing—which led him to Everest.

Aiming to be the first amputee to reach Everest's summit, Jeff was joined in his team by Brent Bishop, the son of Barry Bishop, a member of the first American team to summit Everest in 1963 and Lisa Thompson, a former director at a medical device company who decided to take on Everest after beating breast cancer.

The whole journey was captured in 360 degree video and is split into four sections. As you navigate each section with the team, you're given an incredible impression of what it's like to climb the world's highest and often most dangerous mountain.

Being able to turn around 360 degrees, listen to the sounds of the mountain and hear the commentary as you head to the peak adds to the experience and is a VR journey that leaves you feeling emotional and exhilarated.

It can be viewed through a smartphone without a VR headset but for the full experience a headset is highly recommended, even a cheap one such as Google's Cardboard would still work.

It's been put together by LIFE VR and can be viewed by downloading the LIFE VR app for free on iOS or Android or visit

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