bdroom 'Bedroom'

A dreamy reflection of life, lost love, and experiences gained with the maturity of a band already way ahead of their time

The debut LP from Hull five-piece bdrmm has been highly anticipated since they signed up with the Sonic Cathedral label last year.

Both the band name and debut album title, Bedroom, are certainly appropriate. Singer Ryan Smith wrote and uploaded their demo in his bedroom before heading off to his local pub to work a 12-hour shift.

"I was listening to Washed Out (probably ‘Feel It All Around’) when something inside resonated really strongly and I decided to get out my GarageBand phone-to-jack interface and wrote a demo called ‘Everything’," he explained.

"I was extremely proud of it, especially considering it was recorded on an iPhone, so I stuck it on the BBC Introducing Uploader not really thinking much of it. About a month later, when I was cleaning pots in the kitchen at work, I got an email saying that it had been played on BBC Radio 1 on what was Phil Taggart’s show. I was ecstatic. It was then that I knew I needed to get a band together.”

Bedroom certainly lives up to expectations. The dreamy, shoegaze pop is a blend of echoing melancholy that often gives a tip of the hat to The Cure and My Bloody Valentine without sounding like a direct copy.

The bright guitars and echoing vocals provide an escape into a world that ebbs and flows relaxingly across 10-tracks, led by elevating guitar riffs and rounding off proceedings with the delightful ‘Forget The Credits’ at the end.

Lyrically, things are a little more serious as the subject matter includes unplanned pregnancies, drug abuse and mental health, to name but a few. The lyrics are often sparsely written but direct and to the point which makes them refreshingly unpretentious. “You don’t know how much it meant to me / That we spent that night / So carefree,” sings Smith on 'Push/Pull'.

Quite often on shoegaze and lo-fi sounding albums, the lyrics are washed away by the sound of reverberating, swirling guitars and mumbled vocals but the production on Bedroom is first class, allowing both to be heard at just the right levels.

Bedroom is a dreamy reflection of life, lost love, and experiences gained with a musical backdrop that allows the memories to become part of our own. It’s a beautiful first album that showcases a band who are already way ahead of their time.

Bedroom is out now via Bandcamp and Sonic Cathedral.


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